Lighting is a light application designed to make an environment and/or the objects in it suitable for visual perception in different dimensions.

Makro Teknik Limited has been instrumental in creating many successful lighting projects in Cyprus since 1986. Every service one can think of about lighting, from initial design to installation, operation and maintenance, is provided by our company.

Using low-cost light sources is not a solution to properly illuminate an environment. It is necessary not to compromise on quality in order to achieve the desired visual quality and comfort.

The only brands that are under the umbrella of our company are Brayton, Krea Design and DeMajo. From traditional chandeliers to high-quality and environmental-friendly led bulbs, from projectors to modern design lighting options, every product is included in the product range of our brands.

Makro Teknik Limited Company is ready to assist you for any of your small scale or big scale lighting projects from businesses to residences, stadiums and parks.
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