Solar Energy

Makro Teknik Limited Company has been offering solar energy systems, high-quality in field and roof applications, project and site-specific design and reliable electrical energy generation systems in different parts of Cyprus for many years.

Whether the area where the product is needed is your home or an agricultural area without electricity, the system is installed in the most reliable way by our qualified members of staff. After the details of the installation point are examined, the needs analysis is made, the solar energy system is ready to be installed.

Some of the benefits of solar energy systems can be listed as follows:

– Saves money on utility bills.
– A solar power plant adds value to your property.
– There is no greenhouse gas or any other harmful gas emission from this environmental-friendly system.

Many solar energy systems have been installed by our company in various locations from agricultural areas where there is no electric supply system to private residences. Please click here to see some of our previous projects.