About Us

Makro Teknik Ltd.

Makro Teknik Limited, which has been operating since 1986, has succeeded to become a well-respected organization in the field of electrical contracting since its establishment by carrying out high-quality projects and instilling a sense of trust in its customers. Besides the high-quality services it has been providing for years, Makro Teknik also offers lighting products by brands such as DeMajo, Krea Design from Italy and Braytron from Turkey to its customers in Cyprus.

We would like to underline the importance of lighting, keeping in mind that the places we live, work and spend time in directly affect our quality of life. We share the profound experience of our company, which has been in operation for years, by applying state-of-the-art technologies to your buildings and facilities and also by bringing the highest quality lighting products to you.

In addition to electrical contracting works, Makro Teknik Limited has also added installation of solar energy systems to its range of services as of 2014. From residences to agricultural lands and businesses of different sizes, the solar energy systems installed by our company contribute to the production of environmentally friendly energy in many regions of our island.

Another service provided by Makro Teknik Limited is the installation of energy transmission lines and also installation of pole-type and box-type transformers. Using its expertise and experience in the field of energy, our company ensures the safest transfer of electrical energy with the transformer centres installed by our company

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